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Whether you’re hitting the outdoors for a day hike, trail running, or just out of the house working or running around town, a daypack can be a great asset for keeping your stuff together and easily accessible.

On the trail, a daypack is a great place to store things like water, snacks, phone, and any other knick-knack you need to carry.

As opposed to a bigger, more robust camping backpack, a daypack can be more convenient for shorter trips.

There are plenty of great daypacks to choose from, many of which we rank and review below.

You are sure to find a nice variety of sizes and styles to choose from.

Even if you’re not on the trail and just traveling around a good daypack can work well as an on-flight carry on, or just toting around the city running errands.

For more information on daypacks along with tips on finding the best daypack for your next adventure check out “Best Ultralight Packable Daypack For Hiking and Living in 2019“.



Top Daypacks Rankings

Daypacks Buying Guide 2019

How to Pick

Here are a few features that you may find useful in a daypack:

  • Hip Belt – Make the bag work for you while not exhausting yourself. Let the belt ride just above your hips for better weight distribution while your legs do most of the hauling. Extra padding is preferred.
  • Shoulder Straps – I recommend padded shoulder straps, especially if you’re planning on adding some weight to your pack.
  • Water Resistance/Rain Cover– Rain can be a bummer, even more so if it soaks the goodies inside your pack.
  • Front Loading– Being able to open your pack from the front is almost like having x-ray vision. While a lot of old school backpackers stick with their old top loaders, I’m not a huge fan of blindly feeling around my bag for something I need at that moment. At that point, it’s almost easier to just dump everything out and repack.
  • Stretch Mesh Side Pockets– Perfect for holding water bottles. Unless you get daypack with a hydration bladder, easy access to water bottles is essential.
  • Front Stash Pocket– It’s almost like having a second backpack

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