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Best Ultralight Packable Daypack For Hiking and Living in 2020

A good daypack can help keep you organized on a shorter hike, a trail run or just running errands around town. These packs are made small to carry your essentials while keeping the weight on your back ultralight. Check out this guide along with reviews to help you find your perfect packable daypack.
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Hiking Boots vs Trail Runners: How To Choose Your Right Trail Footwear In 2022

In 2018 more people are hitting the trail with a wide variety of footwear. While traditionalists are sticking to hiking boots, more people are opting for the lighter trail running shoes. Both come with their own advantages and disadvantages in relation to size, weight, traction, and style.
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17 Best Hiking Boots Under $100 For Men And Women

Reviews of the best men and women's hiking boots under $100 in 2019 along with tips on how to find the right hiking boots for your adventure!
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Why New Vibram Soles Make You Extraordinary On The Trail

Vibram soles are in a class of their own. They enhance the overall comfort and traction of your boot or shoe, and even if you have older footwear, Vibram has a program where they can add their sole to your old shoe. Vibram soles were made for the trail and almost singlehandedly modernized hiking boots.
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25 Best Hiking Shoes For Men And Women In 2022

A good set of hiking shoes or boots will make hiking the trail that much more enjoyable. Good hiking footwear is about more than just protecting your feet, its about caring for your whole body. Traction, weight, sturdiness and season all go into choosing the right set of hiking shoes.
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How To Break In Your New Hiking Boots For Comfort and Longevity

While some pairs of hiking boots are comfortable right out of the box, some take some breaking in for maximum performance. Some hikers just don't have the patience for a pair of shoes that need the extra abuse to feel right. Check out our hacks to get your footwear feeling great before you hit the trail.
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