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Review: The Advanced Elements 5 Gallon Summer Shower / Solar Shower is a more “high tech” solar shower that will get you a hot shower without having to lug a tank of propane. The 4-ply construction of the shower bag really helps to get the water inside nice and warm. It includes a reflector and insulator panel along with a solar panel to use the heat from the sun to get the water inside as hot as possible. You’ll even surprise yourself when you look at the temperature gauge, yes there is a temperature gauge on the bag, and it reads over 100 degrees. The carry weight of the Advanced Elements bag is a little over a pound, however, once it filled the weight it will go to about 40 pounds. It can hold enough water to easily take a 10-minute shower with some water left over. It works great for the solo backpacker or couples who can take fast to moderate showers. The shower also includes velcro straps to hold soaps and washcloths and is extremely durable. Keep in mind that the water pressure can be kind of slow because it is gravity fed, but the hose is durable and easy to activate. We loved this portable solar shower bag!

PROS: Tough/durable construction, The water gets Plenty hot over 100 degrees, Holds enough water to take longer showers, Lightweight to carry

CONS: Slow water pressure, sometimes the water gets too hot, Very heavy once full of water

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