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Is A Survival Subscription Box Worth It?

Cairn subscription Box

Subscription boxes are all the rage nowadays. Whether it’s razors, skin care, or clothes we just can’t get enough of outsourcing the hard work of shopping to someone else. Of course, it was only a matter of time before someone figured out that outdoors enthusiasts demanded the same. Now there are outdoors and survival subscription…

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Why A Waterproof Bivy Sack Is More Than Just A Sleeping Bag Cover

In this article, we explain why a waterproof bivy sack is a great ultralight backpacking shelter option.  Of course, you hope for clear skies and lots of sunshine, but as any seasoned trekker knows, those are some long odds. Especially if you’re heading out for more than a day or two, there’s a good chance…

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The 11 Best Value Ultralight Backpacking Sleeping Bags

In the following article, we give recommendations along with tips on helping you find the best ultralight backpacking sleeping bag for your adventure. Best Sleeping Bags Best Quilts As you start to plan your backpacking journey, it’s important to know that you can get a quality ultralight backpacking sleeping bag without having to sacrifice any…

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5 Ways A Tactical Headlamp Makes Camping Easier

tactical headlamp, led camping headlamp

Why You Need A Tactical LED Headlamp A good tactical LED headlamp is a critically important piece of equipment for any overnight backpacker. The main reason is that a good headlamp will free your hands up, unlike a flashlight. This will allow you to balance as you cross rough terrain, without having to worry as…

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Why Your Backpacking Tent Is Your Most Important Outdoor Gear

Backpacking Tents Are For Real Backpackers Are you in the midst of planning your next backpacking adventure and you can’t decide on what kind of shelter works best for you? Or maybe you’re just interested in backpacking and the only thing holding you back is the uncertainty that comes with sleeping in an ultralight backpacking…

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Everything You Need To Know About Ultralight Bivy Sacks

As ultralight backpacking gains more mainstream attention, more campers are trading their tents for a new bivy sack. Backpackers are sacrificing space when they sleep to save weight in their pack. They’re reporting a more enjoyable experience on the trail with less fatigue and body aches. In this article, we explain what bivy sacks are…

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Bivy Sacks vs. Tents: How To Choose An Ultralight Shelter

The following guide breaks down the differences between bivy sacks vs. backpacking tents to help you find what works best for you. Best Bivy Sacks Best 1 Person Tents Best 2 Person Tents Bivy Sacks vs Tents You’ve made the decision to take on nature with nothing more than a pack, a water bottle and…

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Why You Need A Gore-Tex Bivy Sack

Let’s be honest. Sleeping in a bivy sack is tough. The good news is that bivy technology has come a long way in recent years. One of the most useful advancements in most bivy sacks is the use of Gore-Tex on the exterior. The Gore-Tex bivy has made the bivy sack more flexible, more resilient,…

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Best 2 Person Hammock Tents In 2019

girls in 2 person hammock ten

Best 2 Person Hammock Tents 2 Person Hammock Tents For Your Next Adventure A 2 person hammock tent will change the way you view backpacking. Especially if you go ultralight these can be a game changer. These hammocks are lightweight, versatile, and perfect for both sleep and leisure. A good 2 person hammock tent can…

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