Why Kaaterskill Falls Is The Ultimate Escape From NYC

Kaaterskills Falls is an incredible natural wonder that anyone in the Hudson Valley should take advantage of.

It has famously been written about by many writers, storytellers, and poets over the years because of its majesty and sheer power.

This massive 260-foot waterfall has multiple breathtaking drops and is extraordinarily popular.

The best part is that you do not have to hike for very long to get to it.

After only about half a mile you will get to experience this wonderful view, making it perfect for short day trips.

Swimming At Kaaterskill Falls

Our favorite part?

There is a swimming hole downstream from the falls, which is great to cool off in during the summer months!

Hikers swiming in the upper pool of Kaaterskill Falls, NY

However, we must warn you that due to this destination’s popularity, some people underestimate the difficulty and danger of this attraction.

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Stay Safe On The Trail

The trail itself is short, while also uneven and full of rocks and scrambles you will have to overcome.

Keep this in mind if you have anyone with mobility issues with you.

The truth is there have been multiple Kaaterskill falls deaths over the years, all of them because of people wandering off the marked trails.


They are there for a reason.

As long as you stay where you are supposed to you should not be in danger.

But if you try to make your own path, there is a good chance you can lose your balance on the slick rocks and hurt yourself.

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Don’t underestimate this hike, please use your head.

How far from NYC is Kaaterskill Falls?

It will take you about 2.5 to 3 hours by car but obviously plan for New York traffic, especially on weekends.

Is Kaaterskill Falls Dog-Friendly?

Kaaterskill Falls is pretty dog-friendly as long as you keep your canine friend by your side on the official path.

Leaving the trail could also spell trouble for you and your dog.

Camping At Kaaterskill Falls

Kaaterskill Falls camping is permitted.

For groups larger than ten, you will need a permit.

There are no official campgrounds in the Kaaterskill Wild Forest park, but backcountry camping is allowed as long as you are at least 150 feet away from any road or stream.

Outside the Kaaterskill park itself, you are near some of the best camping in The Catskills.

The North/South Lake campgrounds are only miles from the Kaaterskill trailhead.

They offer both camping and RV hookups, plus lake swimming and boat rentals.

Blue Mountain campground is also in the area, right off the highway.

We like this one because it actually provides tents on a rental basis if you don’t feel like bringing your own.

Devils Tombstone campground is close to Kaaterskills and is also near the Devil’s Path trail.

Both are great options if you are looking for some variety in your trip.

This is a fairly rustic campground, so make sure you bring everything you will need for your trip because there will not be any electricity or running water here.

However, this does mean it will be less crowded.

All in all, if you haven’t experienced this wonder of nature yet, you should definitely plan on it ASAP!

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