Top Two Person Camping Hammocks Reviewed

A 2 person camping hammock is one of the best ways to experience the outdoors.  Hammocks are comfortable, ergonomic, and fun. Enjoy hours, suspended between a few trees,  lounging around in nature.

While hammocks are great for killing time, they work equally well as an overnight shelter for 1 or 2 campers.  2 person hammocks are bigger than 1 person hammocks and can typically accommodate 2 sleepers or one camper with your gear.

Many 2 person hammocks come with options to add extras like a rain fly, sleeping pad, or quilts.

All these features allow you to put together you’re own ultralight 2 person hammock tent as secure, waterproof hammock that gives all the goods of a tent with the suspension and fun of a hammock.

For the ultralight backpacker looking for a comfy lightweight shelter, we compared 2 person hammocks to bivy sacks.

No doubt the best perk of a 2 person hammock tent is the ability to share those more intimate moments on the trail.  For those backpacking couples, finding the right hammock can really add a hint of romance to your adventure!


Top Two Person Camping Hammocks Rankings

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Two Person Camping Hammocks Buying Guide 2019

How to Pick

There are several key points to look out for when buying a 2-person hammock tent.


Like any other lightweight backpacking shelter, a hammock can range from super cheap to expensive.

A decent 2 person hammock tent should not have to cost you a fortune.

You can find a good quality hammock easily for under $100.

You can actually find plenty of hammocks for under $50.

However the more features you add on to the 2 person hammock tent, the more you can drastically enhance your experience.

Not to mention some cheaper tents don’t last very long.

You’ll end up spending more money to replace a cheap hammock than if you would’ve spent the money for better initial quality.

The last thing you want is to buy something too cheap only to have to replace it every year.

Weight and Capacity

Make sure to check the capacity and weight that your hammock tent can handle.

Not all hammock tents are created equal, especially when it comes to 2 person hammock tents, some can hold more weight than others.

This is good to know especially if you plan on storing some gear in the hammock with you and your partner.

Remember to take into account how heavy the whole package is including the extra poles, flies and suspension straps.

While the hammock themselves can be lightweight, more features can start to weigh down your pack.

If the weight is too much, check for other models that might offer lighter poles or material.

Dimensions and Straps

Not all 2 person tent models are created with the same length and width.

Know what measurements work best for you and your partner.

If the dimensions seem like they will be cramped for you and another person, continue to look for one that may have a bigger capacity.

Also be sure to keep your gear in mind and think about how much you plan to store in your tent.

Some straps that are included with certain hammocks can be quite cheap..

Knowing this, many experienced backpackers actually choose to carry a trusted brand of decent straps.

Most companies will provide straps with their 2 person hammock tent, but be sure to read the make and material.

Not all straps may be long enough for your camping needs either, which is why it is important to check length and ability.

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