Top Men's Trail Runners Reviewed

Trail runners are a great choice for those who are looking for a good, reliable men’s hiking boot alternative.

Especially if you’re hiking on a less challenging trail, trail runners provide enough traction along with ankle and foot security that you’ll find enough comfort to make your hike an enjoyable experience.

They work great for jogging outdoors, day hikes and even longer backpacking trips.

Nowadays there is a wide selection and variety of men’s trail runner hiking shoes that it can feel overwhelming to find the right one for you.

Be sure to check out our ratings and reviews of the best Men’s trail runners below.

It’s always good to also compare trail runners to hiking boots.

Scroll down for our additional buying guide including tips on how to find the best Men’s Trail runnings.


Top Men's Trail Runners Rankings

    Shoe Style Trail Runners
    Waterproof No
    Sex Men
    Current Price from $52.85
    Pros Lightweight under 10 ounces, Lots of padding in the midsole, Good comfy feel around your feet, Great grip and traction in the outsole,
    Cons Tight toe box, "Luggy" sole not great for city running, , ,
    Our Take:

    The Adidas Men’s Vigor Bounce M Trail Runner great a great, grippy trail runner from Adidas.

    They are super lightweight at just under 10 ounces and give you amazing cushion and grip on the bottom that will help keep you on the trail longer with less fatigue.

    Using these on regular road or concrete will give you kind of a cleat type feel so they’re incredibly grippy.

    The upper on the shoe is very strong with durable overlays combined into a breathable mesh, built to handle any obstacle nature throws your way. They fit well in the heel and midfoot with a snug, but not overly tight feel.

    The midsole is built with Adidas’ Bounce energy returning technology with plenty of thickness and padding for a more comfort.

    There’s definitely enough room for your feet to breathe a little, although we did notice the toe box to be a little tighter than we like, not a deal breaker but just what we noticed.

    Read our full review of the Adidas Men’s Vigor Bounce M Trail Runner

    Shoe Style Trail Runners
    Waterproof No
    Sex Men
    Current Price from $94.97
    Pros Tough, deep grip, Cool styles, Lightweight and rugged, ,
    Cons Not good for city running., , , ,
    Our Take:

    The Salomon Men’s Speedcross 4 Trail Runner gives you amazing grip and performance while cruising through nature’s obstacles.

    Right out of the box you’ll get a nice fit with a little breaking in necessary.

    The lugs on the bottom are very deep, almost comparable to cleats.

    Not great for city running but outdoors these are unmatched.

    These minimalist shoes will provide great comfort around your feet with support in the heel and mids while also staying lightweight.

    You also get a nice size toe box for maximum comfort at the front of your feet.

    The colors on the Salomon’s are out of control and will definitely give you some attention on the trail, if you’re looking for style you’ll love the way these look and offer a variety of different color schemes.

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  1. Merrell Men’s Glove 4 Trail Runner

  2. Editors Rating:
    (4.3 / 5)

    Shoe Style Trail Runners
    Waterproof No
    Sex Men
    Current Price from $69.95
    Pros Lightweight minimalist style, ,, Plenty of ventilation and comfort in the uppers very durable, Vibram soles, ,
    Cons Tighter than normal, Too grippy for road running, , ,
    Our Take:

    The Merrell Men’s Glove 4 Trail Runner is a great minimalist shoe that works great for conquering the trail.

    The Glove 4’s are very lightweight and fit your feet like a glove and give amazing support to those extreme trail runners.

    The Vibram soles give you amazing grip with lightweight multidirectional lugs for the technical trail.

    The upper is made with a combination of mesh and TPU for lightweight breathability and toughness along with plenty of padding in the tongue and collar.

    Like other minimalist shoes these will force you to adjust your running style to be less on your heel, which is how you should be running anyway, but if you’re not used to this then it can take a few rounds of adjusting.

    As comfortable as they are, they can be a bit tight on the top of your foot as the tongue tends to rest a bit low and the toe box isn’t as big as other trail runners.

    That being said these will absolutely kick the crap out of mother nature and are built tough to take the abuse.

    Read our full review of the Merrell Men’s Glove 4 Trail Runner

    Shoe Style Trail Runners
    Waterproof No
    Sex Men
    Current Price No products found.
    Pros "Barefoot" feel, Snug fit, Lightweight, excellent traction, Built for the trail,
    Cons Not good for city running, Little cushioning, , ,
    Our Take:

    The New Balance Men’s MT10V1 Minimus Trail Running Shoe is a great minimum running shoe that will provide performance by helping you become a better runner.

    The design of the Minimus shoes is meant to help you use your foot’s natural running tendency to take pressure off your heel and get you running on your toes.

    This could be an adjustment for most runners who have run for years by allowing their heel to strike the ground, but in the end, you’re forcing your foot and your body to work harder than it’s supposed to.

    The fit of these shoes runs tight as you would expect from a shoe built to grip your entire foot and this provides amazing support, even for those with wider feet while still keeping plenty of room in the toe box for comfort.

    The Vibram sole on the bottom also gives you a reliably grippy feel on the bottom to stay fearless in the outdoors.

    Keep in mind these shoes work much better for trail running than concrete running due to the minimal cushion on the bottom.

    Great for anyone who wants a nice “barefoot shoe”.

    No products found.

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  3. Vibram Men’s V Trail Runner

  4. Editors Rating:
    (4.1 / 5)

    Shoe Style Trail Runners
    Waterproof No
    Sex Men
    Current Price from $89.95
    Pros Very comfortable, Lightweight and durable, Great traction, Fit for performance,
    Cons Can only wear outdoors, They're not meant for everyone, , ,
    Our Take:

    The Vibram Men’s V Trail Runner is a robust, state of the art, trail runner that will give your feet freedom while you tear through all that mother nature can throw your way.

    Vibram trail runners are in a class of their own with their patented designed form-fitting shoes.

    These V’s are no exception. They are lightweight but come ready to do work with some of Vibram’s most aggressive tread yet.

    The deep cut multi-directional lugs help you own the trail while still providing your feet protection from the ground below.

    Also on the outsole is 3D cocoon technology for protection against rocks and extra support in the ball area.

    The insole includes 2mm EVA + NZYM Anti-Microbial Poly Fabric Sockliner for maximum comfort and flexibility.

    The uppers are made from polyester and spandex while including ripstop fabric in the toes for extra durability despite their lightness and breathability they do well in cold weather and snow.

    5-finger shoes are perfect for those who actually would prefer to run barefoot so if that’s you then we highly recommend these Vibram’s.

    The only downside to these shoes is they won’t work well for running on city streets or on the treadmill.

    Read our full review of the Vibram Men’s V Trail Runner

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Men's Trail Runners Buying Guide 2019

How to Pick

Types of Trail Runners

Lightweight trail running shoes are made for men and women and come in three different types:  Light trail, rugged trail, and off the trail.

Light Trail shoes are made for better kept, smoother, wider trails.  Perfect for a run through your nearby park.

Rugged Trail shoes will give you the most variety out of the 3.  You can find these as comfy, lightweight shoes that are built tougher than Lightweight shoes but offer some more versatility than the off trail’s.  Many of these runners come with a toe guard in the front along with a midsole shank and deep multi-directional lugs.

Off Trail shoes are the most robust of the 3 types of trail runners and are built to handle the most demanding trails.  They give your feet more protection than the rugged trail shoes by implementing heavier materials in the midsole and uppers to help you handle the rigors of the more wild trails.

Hiking Boot Advantages

  1. Stability – Boots are built to offer support on many different points.  Ankle support in the high cut and even lower cut boots, midsole support especially with an added shank, and heel support.  Most boots also come with a deep cut, multi-directional lugs on the bottom sole for increased traction.
  2. Durability– You should be able to get at least 1000 miles out of a pair of boots.  There are people who are still wearing the same boots today that they wore in the 90’s!  Of course, they don’t make them like they used to, but we do encourage readers to spend more on boots for better quality as this will save money from constantly having to replace poor quality boots.
  3. Protection– A good, strong boot should feel like a tank for your foot and keep you safe from rocks, roots and be waterproof.


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