Why Your Backpacking Tent Is Your Most Important Outdoor Gear

Backpacking Tents Are For Real Backpackers Are you in the midst of planning your next backpacking adventure and you can’t decide on what kind of shelter works best for you? Or maybe you’re just interested in backpacking and the only thing holding you back is the uncertainty that comes with sleeping in an ultralight backpacking…

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Bivy Sacks vs. Tents: How To Choose An Ultralight Shelter

The following guide breaks down the differences between bivy sacks vs. backpacking tents to help you find what works best for you. Best Bivy Sacks Best 1 Person Tents Best 2 Person Tents Bivy Sacks vs Tents You’ve made the decision to take on nature with nothing more than a pack, a water bottle and…

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11 Best 2 Person Ultralight Backpacking Tent Reviews

Best 2 Person Tents – Ranked 2 Person Backpacking Tents For Ultralight Camping A 2 person ultralight backpacking tent opens up a lot of possibilities for your lightweight camping adventure. As a solo backpacker, it gives you extra space with the option to sleep one more. For you and a plus one, or even for…

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9 Best 1 Person Ultralight Backpacking Tents in 2019

1 person ultralight camping tent

Best 1 Person Ultralight Backpacking Tents The 1 Person Backpacking Tent When planning your ultralight solo adventure, one of the first things you need to decide is your preferred shelter. Even with all the options available such as hammocks, and bivy sacks, many folks opt for the reliability and portability of a 1 person backpacking…

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15 Best Ultralight Backpacking Tents In 2019

Best Ultralight Backpacking Tents 2019 Best 1 Person Ultralight Backpacking Tents Best 2 Person Ultralight Backpacking Tents Best 3 Person Ultralight Backpacking Tents Best 4 Person Ultralight Backpacking Tents Ultralight Tents For Backpacking Backpackers are finding more innovative ways to cut down weight in their pack. This has a lot to do with the growing…

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Why Freestanding Tents Are Great For The Modern Backpacker

In this article, we discuss the benefits of freestanding tents, how they compare to non-freestanding tents, and offer some comparisons on the best freestanding and non-freestanding tents available for purchase. The beauty and the curse of backpacking is the selection of lightweight tents available. Do you want a 1 person tent, 2 person ultralight backpacking tent,…

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Best Multi-Room Tents For Glamping in 2019

Family multi

Best Multiroom Tents in 2019 In this article, we review some of our favorite multi-room tents along with some tips on what to look for when looking for one to buy. Multiroom Tents For Families and Large Groups When it comes to camping it’s a foregone conclusion that you’ll be sacrificing many modern comforts. You…

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2018 Definitive Guide To Festival Camping Essentials

As the winter frost begins to thaw around the country now marks the perfect time to start planning out your camping festival goals for the year. Warmer weather means outdoor stages showcasing your favorite musical acts will soon be upon us. There are a lot of different ways to experience a music festival, but without…

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How To Choose The Best One Man Backpacking Tent In 2018

In this article, we review some of the best ultralight backpacking tents available today as well as offering advice and things to keep in mind when choosing your best one-man backpacking tent!  No matter what your backpacking experience level is, the necessity of owning a reliable tent is as crucial as carrying food and water.…

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