Best 2 Person Hammock Tents In 2019

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Best 2 Person Hammock Tents 2 Person Hammock Tents For Your Next Adventure A 2 person hammock tent will change the way you view backpacking. Especially if you go ultralight these can be a game changer. These hammocks are lightweight, versatile, and perfect for both sleep and leisure. A good 2 person hammock tent can…

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2 Person Hammock Tent vs Ultralight Bivy Sack For Thru-Hiking

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Your choice of shelter is one of the most important decisions that you will be making as a thru-hiker (along with boots and backpack). It’s very important to think critically about what type of shelter best suits your needs, as you will be spending a lot of time in it on the trail. You don’t want your trip…

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Why Gonex Camping Hammocks Are The Best Summertime Camping Shelters

Gonex Hammocks Gonex hammocks have quickly become one of the most popular hammocks on the market, for several reasons. This hammock’s lightweight design, easy deployment, and affordability all make this one stand out. The Gonex hammock is a simple nylon parachute design. Its minimal profile means that it weighs a little under a pound and…

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Why Your Camping Hammock Needs A Bug Net And Rain Fly

Why your camping hammock needs a bug net and rain fly Camping is a rewarding experience that gets you closer to nature, but when you are trying to get some sleep after a long day on the trail, it’s best to keep some natural elements OUT of your hammock. Mosquitos and rain may seem like…

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Why You Should Try Ultralight Hammock Camping In 2018

Ultralight hammock camping is one of the newest and most exciting ways to hit the trail. An ultralight hammock is easy to setup, reliable and just a flat out fun way to experience the backcountry. One of the biggest obstacles that new and more experienced backpackers face is finding a tent that fits their needs…

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Best Ultralight Double Hammocks For Backpacking Couples

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In this article, we discuss the benefits of using double hammocks and 2 person hammocks for backpacking couples. 2019 Best 2 Person Hammocks If you’re looking to take your backpacking game to the next level, whether solo or with a partner, then you must entertain the benefits of double hammock camping. Solo hammocks are becoming…

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Best Camping Hammocks 2019

In this article, we provide reviews and tips to help you find the best camping hammock for your lightweight backpacking adventure! 2019 Best 1 Person Hammocks 2019 Best 2 Person Hammocks Why Camping Hammocks Make Great Lightweight Shelters Many backpackers still opt for the tried and true tents. While at the same time complaining about…

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Why An Ultralight Hammock Will Make You A Better Backpacker

In this article we explain why camping with an ultralight hammock will make you a better backpacker. Best 1 Person Hammocks Best 2 Person Hammocks Ultralight Hammock Camping Ultralight hammock camping is one of the newest and most exciting ways to hit the trail. An ultralight hammock is easy to set up, reliable and just…

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