Havasupai Falls Is The Oasis You’ve Always Dreamed About

The Havasupai Falls Indian Reservation is an incredible once in a lifetime camping experience in the Grand Canyon National Park.

It’s so highly sought after, due to its unreal blue-green waterfalls.

This little slice of paradise features the picturesque Havasu Falls and Mooney Falls, two of the biggest waterfalls in the region.

You do not want to miss the surreal beauty of these natural wonders that only exist in one place on Earth.

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How To Get There

This destination is located on the tribal lands of the Havasuw `Baaja people.

Drugs, alcohol, weapons, and pets are all forbidden due to Havasupai’s religious significance.

There are limited reservations available every year keep campers to a minimum.

However, a lucky few get to experience this natural wonder in all its glory.

DO NOT show up without a prepaid reservation and permit.

There is no day hiking allowed in Havasupai.

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Hiking to the tribal village of Supai from the parking lot is a 10-mile trip and is considered moderately difficult.

From there, it is another 2 miles to get to the actual campground.

There is no water along the way to Supai, so all hikers are encouraged to bring at least one gallon of water with them.

You can also rent a pack mule to carry you, rentals are available for $120 each way, per mule.

You can also take a helicopter ride from the parking lot straight into Supai village for $85 per person.

This is great for those who want to experience the falls without the extra hiking.

However, there are no reservations, so you must arrive in person before 10 am and hope that the spaces are not already filled.

The trip only takes 15 mins by air.

Camping In Havasupai Falls

Once you get to the falls, you will find a camping area that can host about 300 people a night.

There is a small store in Supai with some basic amenities, but you will need to carry in all of your own supplies.

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Reservations and permits go on sale the 1st of February each year and fill up fast.

You can reserve online or by phone.

Hiking permits cost $50, plus a $10 cleanup fee.

If you are planning on staying the night, a campsite reservation is $25 per person per night.

There are multiple outfits offering Havasu Falls tours.

Going through an agency is going to cost a bit more.

However, it can save you the headache of applying for permits yourself and organizing your transportation and gear.

Also, remember to bring plenty of water.

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Once you are there, you can enjoy exploring the beautiful waterfalls, crystal clear swimming holes, and unique rock formations this area has to offer.

We recommend that you not stop only at Supai Falls, the most popular attraction.

You can also take the Mooney Falls hike, which is another half mile of canyon trekking and leads to a 200-foot waterfall, the biggest in the Grand Canyon.

If you are feeling even more adventurous, you can continue on an 8-mile journey to the Colorado River.

This is a strenuous but rewarding all-day trip that allows you to see the full scope of the Canyon’s terrain.

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Havasupai Falls Deaths

We do caution that, while rare, there have been a few Havasupai deaths over the years, mostly associated with the trail to Mooney Falls.

Please make sure you are in adequate shape for the trek.

This also includes utilizing the appropriate hiking gear like durable, grippy hiking boots, hiking poles, navigation, etc.

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