Why Gonex Camping Hammocks Are The Best Summertime Camping Shelters

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  • The Gonex hammocks come in single- and two-person sizes.
  • The Gonex Hammock's simplicity is one of its main strengths.

Gonex Hammocks

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Gonex hammocks have quickly become one of the most popular hammocks on the market, for several reasons.

This hammock’s lightweight design, easy deployment, and affordability all make this one stand out.

The Gonex hammock is a simple nylon parachute design. Its minimal profile means that it weighs a little under a pound and packs extremely small.

This makes it ideal for the ultralight backpacking enthusiast.

Despite its small size, this hammock is rated to hold 400 lbs.

Gonex Sport

Gonex Sport is a travel/adventure company that makes quality, affordable gear for people on the go.

They’ve made a name for themselves by producing a wide range of camping and outdoor products that perform well without breaking the bank.

Many of their offerings are perfect for entry-level outdoor enthusiasts who don’t want to sacrifice on usability.

The Gonex hammock is definitely one of their more popular line-ups.

Gonex Hammock Setup

Gonex Camping Hammock, Lightweight Portable Nylon Hammock...
The Gonex hammock provides good weight distribution for sound sleep.

The Gonex hammock is an extremely simple setup.

It comes with a sewn-on duffle pouch that you stuff it into while hiking.

When you are ready to use it, you take it out of the pouch and attach each end of the hammock to a tree or post with the nylon straps and aluminum carabiners that come included.

Once the hammock is stretched out, you can attach any rain flies or bug nets you have as well.

Check and make sure you’re attachments are secure, and that there is enough tension to keep you off the ground. Now climb in and take a load off!

The set up is extremely easy and intuitive, even children can do it.

We found that we could go from it being in the sack to reclining in it in under two minutes.

This incredibly easy set-up is one of the Gonex hammocks top quality.

Gonex Hammock Review

For ultralight backpackers looking for a no-frills hammock, we feel like the Gonex is one of the best out there.

It is comfortable, well constructed, and extremely convenient.

We were skeptical at first, considering it’s low price and extremely lightweight (under a pound!), but the hammock held our weight without any give, even when we stress-tested it with two full-grown men.

The nylon seems quite sturdy, despite its thinness, which was one of the things we were initially concerned about.

Gonex claims it can support up to 400 lbs, although we doubt it could hold quite that much weight for longer periods of time.

The aluminum carabiners seemed a bit cheap but were definitely up to the task of supporting the hammock.

We wouldn’t use them for rock-climbing or anything like that though.

gonex hammock, hammock for camping, best ultralight hammock

The straps they included are pretty thick and should be long enough to string between two trees in most wooded areas.

Considering that the price is under $40 makes this option especially attractive for those on a budget.

Its simplicity is one of its main strengths.

The only drawback is that it does not provide any built-in protection from the elements.

For that, you should consider purchasing a rain fly and bug net to ensure that sleeping in your Gonex hammock is a dry, bug-free experience.

What Makes Gonex One Of The Most Comfortable Ultralight Hammocks

The Gonex hammock is a pretty minimal, bare-bones product, but that doesn’t mean you will be miserable sleeping in it. In fact, it is quite comfortable.

As we all know, getting good quality sleep is crucial to enjoying your outdoor excursion.

There’s nothing worse than waking up aching after a long day on the trail, only to have to do it all over again.

Luckily, the Gonex hammock provides good weight distribution for sound sleep.

Also, the machine-washable nylon fabric provides excellent breathability while sleeping.

We did not feel suffocated or too hot while sleeping in it on temperate nights.

A big advantage of hammocks over tents is that you are not sleeping on the ground, so you don’t have to worry about rough, uneven terrain.

You don’t have to waste time searching your campsite for flat, even earth to lie down on anymore, anywhere with two trees will provide you with all you need to catch some quality zzz’s.

Camping Hammock In a bag

One of the best features of the Gorex Nylon hammock is the fact that it folds up into it’s attached nylon bag.

This packs it down extremely small, 8″ x 5.5″ (tall x diameter), so it will take up minimal room in your pack.

This makes it perfect for the ultralight enthusiast trying to preserve precious pack space.

Also, the fact that the bag is attached to the hammock itself means that you will never lose it.

It’s such a simple feature that makes a big difference and just shows you how much thought the folks at Gonex put into the design.

Top 5 Ways A Gonex Hammock Will Improve Your Camping Experience

  1. A Gonex hammock is easier to set up than most traditional tents.
  2. We found that we can set one up between two trees in under two minutes if we hustle. Every minute you aren’t preparing your camp is a minute you get to rest and enjoy your surroundings, the whole reason you even left your house in the first place!

  3. A Gonex Tent can be washed and dried with no effort.
  4. These hammocks are machine washable and dry very quickly. It’s going to get dirty and smelly on the trail, so the ability to wash it quickly before your next adventure is a huge plus.

  5. It’s ultra lightweight.
  6.  You definitely save backpack space and weight with this hammock, letting you move quicker and more efficiently on the trail. However, you don’t sacrifice comfort at this expense.

  7. It’s affordable!
  8. You don’t have to break the bank, or give up any functionality or quality with this one.

  9. It’s comfortable. 
  10. The Gonex hammock is as comfortable as just about any other sleeping system out there. Having spent several nights in it, we can attest that the sleep we got was high quality, and in many cases better than a more expensive tent. Especially if the terrain is rock, the fact that you are suspended off the ground means that you don’t have to worry about root or stone poking into your back all night long.

2 Person Hammock Tent

The Gonex hammocks come as single ultralight camping hammocks and two-person sizes.

If you are traveling with someone you don’t mind sharing a sleeping space with, getting a double might be a good way to save even more room in your pack.

Not to mention that co-sleeping on the trail can provide you with a truly special bonding experience.

Gonex provides this two-person upgrade for only an extra $5.

This option might also appeal to solo hikers who simply enjoy having more space to stretch out while snoozing.

Hammock Tent

The hammock tent style of shelter is becoming more and more popular in the camping world.

This shelter combines the suspension of a hammock with the durable protection of a tent.

They are suspended from trees like a hammock, but typically have more room from the use of spreader bars or extra guy lines.

Hammock tents also often have built-in rain flys and bug nets, negating the need to purchase external ones.

Buy On Amazon

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