Top Air Beds Reviewed

Sleeping in the backcountry can be a challenge.

While most campers just assume that a good night’s rest is as elusive as Bigfoot, packing a good air mattress or sleeping pad can give you some added comfort while you catch some zzz’s.

Nowadays there are plenty of good air bed options no matter what your style of camping is.

For glampers and family camping trips there are full-sized air mattresses that can give a more home-mattress feel.

For lightweight backpackers, you can just as easily roll up an ultralight sleeping pad in your pack and fit it in your sleeping bag for a padded barrier between you and the cold, hard ground.

Both options are easily portable and have plenty of features like electronic pumps, self-inflation, and extra padding.

Be sure to check our list below of top air mattresses and sleeping pads.

Also check out our featured article, “Best Air Mattresses and Sleeping Pads For Camping” for tips and information on how to choose the best airbed, mattress, or sleeping pad for your next adventure!


Top Air Beds Rankings

  1. Etekcity Airbed with Built-in Electric Pump

  2. Editors Rating:
    (4.9 / 5)

    Best Luxury Option

    Weight 13.15
    Current Price $74.99

    The Etekcity Upgraded Air Mattress is a great twin sized mattress that is incredibly comfortable and supportive. The Etekcity mattress is built with 18-inch Double-layer construction with puncture-resistant material and 0.4mm nontoxic PVC give assurance that the bed is resistant to abuse and won’t leave you lying on the cold hard ground after a night’s rest.

    Read our full review of the Etekcity Airbed with Built-in Electric Pump

  3. Lazery Sleep Air Mattress

  4. Editors Rating:
    (4.8 / 5)

    Weight 19.75
    Current Price from $79.95

    The Lazery Sleep Air Mattress is an extremely comfortable mattress that once slept in might make you think twice about returning to your regular bed. The Lazery includes the 40 air coils that give a tremendous boost of support that you could possibly forget your sleeping on air.

    Read our full review of the Lazery Sleep Air Mattress

  5. Sable Air Mattress with Built-in Electric Pump

  6. Editors Rating:
    (4.7 / 5)

    Best one Person Travel Option

    Weight 13.9
    Current Price $94.90

    The Sable Air Mattress with Built-in Electric Pump is a great twin size air mattress that works great for travel. The Sable breaks down to a manageable travel size of 12.99 x 7.76 x 93.98 and weighs close to 13 pounds. That’s not to say you lose anything with strength as the Sable can support over 600 pounds which is incredible for a twin air mattress to pull off.

    Read our full review of the Sable Air Mattress with Built-in Electric Pump

  7. Coleman SupportRest Double High Airbed

  8. Editors Rating:
    (4.2 / 5)

    Weight 16.5 lbs
    Current Price $70.44

    The Coleman SupportRest Plus PillowStop Double High Airbed is an extremely durable air mattress for a great price. The Coleman comes with an external electric pump that inflates the entire mattress in about 5 minutes with no weird plasticky, toxic smells.

    Read our full review of the Coleman SupportRest Double High Airbed

  9. Intex Classic Downy Airbed Set

  10. Editors Rating:
    (4.2 / 5)

    Weight 11
    Current Price from $41.02

    The Intex Classic Downy Airbed is a great air mattress for the cost-conscious camper. The best part about the Intex is that it is inexpensive, can fit 2 people up to 600 pounds comfortably and doesn’t require electricity to be inflated. The airbed comes with a manual hand pump, although the 2-in-1 valve is built to fit any electric pump you can find on the market.

    Read our full review of the Intex Classic Downy Airbed Set

  11. King Koil TWIN SIZE UPGRADED Luxury Raised Air Mattress

  12. Editors Rating:
    (4.1 / 5)

    Weight 7
    Current Price $94.95

    The King Koil TWIN SIZE Luxury Raised Air Mattress is a very durable and comfortable twin-size air mattress. For a twin, the King Koil offers a lot of space at 76 x 38 inches.

    Read our full review of the King Koil TWIN SIZE UPGRADED Luxury Raised Air Mattress

  13. Lightspeed Outdoors 2 Person PVC-Free Air Bed Mattress

  14. Editors Rating:
    (3.9 / 5)

    Best Ultra-Light Option

    Weight 6
    Current Price from $58.99

    The Lightspeed Outdoors 2 Person PVC-Free Air Bed Mattress for Camping and Travel might be the best air mattress on our list for the specific purpose of camping and even backpacking. The mattress weighs just a bit over 5 pounds and packs down very tightly into a stuff sack.

    Read our full review of the Lightspeed Outdoors 2 Person PVC-Free Air Bed Mattress

  15. Whalek Self Inflating Sleeping Pad

  16. Editors Rating:
    (3.8 / 5)

    Weight 5.5
    Current Price $49.99

    The Whalek Self Inflating Sleeping Pad is an Amazon top choice pad that offers comfort to any camping couples looking for a double sleeping pad solution. The Whalek is incredibly spacious at 72 inches long and 51 inches wide. You’ll find it great for you and your partner to each have plenty of space and insulation.

    Read our full review of the Whalek Self Inflating Sleeping Pad

  17. Fox Air Beds Plush High Rise Air Mattress

  18. Editors Rating:
    (3.7 / 5)

    Weight 15
    Current Price $129.99

    The Fox Air Beds Plush High Rise Air Mattress is a heavy duty air mattress that offers a lot of variety and will work well for the bigger camper or the camping couple. The bed supports up to 750 lbs and in testing seems to hold air for consecutive nights on end.

    Read our full review of the Fox Air Beds Plush High Rise Air Mattress

  19. SoundAsleep Camping Series Air Mattress

  20. Editors Rating:
    (3.7 / 5)

    Weight 14
    Current Price No products found.

    The SoundAsleep Camping Series Air Mattress is a super comfortable air mattress that was designed with durability in mind, specifically for use outdoors. The mattress itself was designed to hold 2 adults with a combined weight of 500 lbs, so you can easily fit you and your significant other.

    No products found.

    Read our full review of the SoundAsleep Camping Series Air Mattress

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Air Beds Buying Guide 2019

How to Pick

There are quite a few details to look out for when searching for the right air mattress for your adventure.

To start, make sure you really know what your camping needs are and how the air mattress you choose fits into those plans.

There are some really great air mattresses available but some are just not right for the outdoors.

Some work really well in your guest bedroom.

But then you take it outdoors and the second you lay it out it on your tent floor all hell breaks loose.

There are quite a few outdoor obstacles that can obstruct your air mattress’ effectiveness.

First and foremost if the material catches the side of a rock and your toast.

Even worse is that moment you realize that you can’t pump up the mattress without electricity and there’s not an outlet to be found.

Below are some other features to keep in mind when looking for a camping air mattress:

Air Mattress Size:

Finding the right size mattress for your trip all depends on your own size and comfort level.

What size mattress do you sleep on at home?

Do you absolutely need that same size or can you rough it with something smaller?

The sizes of mattress vary between twin, queen and king sized mattresses.

There’s more than enough variety to find something for everyone.

Most reasonable beds will get you anywhere between 70-80 inches in length and between 40-60 inches in width and between 1-2 feet in height off the ground.

Typically the dimensions of the bed follow suit to whether its twin, queen, or king.

But the big feature you want to be on the lookout for is height.

The number one complaint about anyone sleeping on an air mattress is that it felt too close to the ground.

When fully inflated you want as much air between you and the ground as possible.

This is where you’ll really feel the comfort while avoiding the cold, hard, jagged ground.

For campers and backpackers, another important size feature is the deflated size and weight.

The Intex Classic Downy Airbed Set can be fully inflated by an electric pump in 2-3 minutes.

If you’re going to be traveling with the mattress keep in mind that most mattresses can still be quite bulky and heavy.

Most are usually closer to 20 pounds when fully deflated.

To make transporting of the mattress easier, make sure it comes with some sort of tote bag.

Air Mattress Comfort

There are a few factors that play into how comfortable or uncomfortable an air mattress is.

Its size, of course, is a factor.

But also knowing how much weight the mattress can support is a good thing to know.

If the mattress can support a heavier weight then it’s a good bet that it offers some good cushioning to lay on.

What kind of materials is the mattress made with?

Does the mattress provide any kind of air coils or inflated air beams for added support and extra firmness?

Or is it simply a bed that doubles as a flotation device?

Air Mattress Pump: External vs Self Inflating

The pump is where you’ll start seeing some differentiation between air mattresses.

Some air mattresses come with an external pump that can be either electronic or manual.

But most newer model air mattresses include an internal pump meaning the pump is built into the mattress.

This provides self-inflation for a more precise and complete fill of the mattress.

Most self-inflating mattresses also offer a deflation option.

This comes in handy to get all the air out of the mattress in a fraction of the time it would take otherwise.

Air Mattress Warranty

It’s important to buy an air mattress, especially if it’s for camping, with a solid warranty from a trusted retailer.

As anyone who’s ever owned an air mattress can tell you, these things can be very fragile.

You fall asleep on a full air mattress, you wake up on a sad puddle of deflated polyester while the whole time having no idea that there’s a tiny leak somewhere on the bed.

You want to know that the company who sold you the mattress can at least stand behind it.

Especially if it happens in the first month or even the first year that it happens.

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