21 Coolest Camping Gadgets To Conquer The Trail In 2020


Part of the fun of being a backpacker in the 21st century is the access to a lot of cool camping gadgets.

Innovation and tech in the camping space is always improving as more and people escape out into nature.

No matter if you’re new to backpacking or an old grizzled section hiker there’s something out there that will make your trip more enjoyable.

Of course there are those ultralight, extreme backpackers who shun the thought of bringing out anything more than a sleeping bag and a pack of matches.

But for those of you who love the outdoors and make no qualms about using the latest tools available, you know how these gadgets can be a lot of fun and help your experience on the trail.

From portable showers to water filters, to pizza ovens, there’s always something new coming out that can fit your trip.

Especially if you’re new to hiking and backpacking, these camping gadgets can make the adjustment to life outdoors even easier.

Also, don’t be surprised to see these same ultralight backpackers who look down their noses at recreational campers trying to get a read on a brand new GPS watch.. just sayin..

Check out some of the coolest camping gadgets available in 2023!


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