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1Tac TC1200 Tactical Flashlight Review

1Tac TC1200 Tactical Flashlight

The 1tac TC1200 tactical flashlight is an extremely valuable piece of equipment that every outdoor enthusiast should consider having.

You should never leave for an overnight trip, or even a hike where you might get caught on the trail at night, without a reliable light source.

Of all the flashlights we have tried on the trail, the TC 1200 offers more functionality and quality for the price than almost any other product in its class.

1tac has created a true military grade flashlight with the TC1200, and now they have made it available for the consumer.

This flashlight is made out of the highest quality materials, features waterproof gaskets, resists corrosion and has a bulb that promises to last 10,000 hours of use.

This means the TC 1200 may be the last flashlight you ever need to purchase.

The TC 1200 also includes a carrying case, a wall charger, car charger, rechargeable battery, AAA battery holder, and holster.

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Why You Need A TC 1200 Tactical LED Flashlight

When we say “everyone needs a tactical LED flashlight”, we do mean EVERYONE.

This is a critical, no-brainer piece of equipment that is just as important as a tent or a sleeping bag when you are on the trail.

There is nothing worse than being stuck miles away from civilization with no visible light source.

Have you ever tried to set up a tent in pitch darkness?

If you do it once, trust us, you’ll make sure you’ll never have to do it again.

Many novice campers make the mistake of bringing cheap, everyday flashlights out with them, which is a mistake.

You may be perfectly fine, but an average house flashlight is very susceptible to breaking, getting wet, or running out of batteries, all of which will leave you in the dark once the sun sets.

This is not only a massive pain in the you-know-where but can be extremely dangerous as well.

Being out in the woods with no way to respond to emergency situations can be deadly serious.

That is why we recommend investing in a high-quality tactical flashlight, and the TC 1200 is the top of its class.

This product is designed to withstand the unique rigors of trail life.

The best tactical flashlights for camping can withstand being dropped onto rocks, submerged in water, and have a long battery life, and the TC 1200 passes with flying colors.

These rugged flashlights won’t let you down, and may even get you out of a dangerous situation. The best part is, this flashlight doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

The best 1200 lumen tactical flashlight

This flashlight “outshines” standard flashlights in almost every category. What makes it so special? Let’s look at the features that set it apart:

  • The LED bulb of the 1tac flashlight produces a blinding 1,200-lumen beam, capable illuminating up to two miles away. This is above and beyond the typical industry standard for camping gear.
  • 25x the incandescent power of ordinary flashlights. You will be able to cut through pitch darkness with perfect clarity.
  • The bulb should last up to 100,000 hours before needing replacement. This means that if you don’t lose it, the TC 1200 will probably the last flashlight you ever purchase.
  • Five flashlight modes (high, medium, low, SOS, and strobe). This gives it superb versatility on the trail and at home. The SOS feature is also a great option to have on the trail in case of emergencies. This setting flashes the Morse code for SOS (three long, three short, three long) for other hikers to see, which may end up being a lifesaver.
  • The TC1200 tactical flashlight is extraordinarily rugged, with an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy frame. This flashlight can survive multi-story drops, being run over by a truck, being submerged, even set on fire. This over-engineering ensures that you will still be able to use it, even if you are in an emergency situation.
  • Striking edges that can provide emergency blunt force striking.

We swear by this flashlight at AdventureSacks. One of the flashlights we purchased years ago is still going strong after being dropped on countless rocks, even submerged at the bottom of a six-foot lake for half an hour once. It’s a little dinged up, but works just as well as the day we bought it.

6 Ways The TC 1200 Tactical Flashlight Will Make Your Life More Convenient

  1. Setting Up Camp: With a reliable light-source, you won’t have to worry about scrambling in the dark to make camp. If you are making camp after sunset, you do not want to be fumbling around in the dark trying to get your fire started and your tent set up. If you are already hungry and tired from a long day this can be incredibly frustrating! A good flashlight can really save you some frustration here.
  2. Illuminate Dark Trails: Sometimes you may not move as quickly as you’d like, and find yourself still hiking after sundown. A good tactical flashlight like the TC 1200 can help light the way. Having a reliable lighting source makes treacherous night-time routes significantly easier. This is an important safety issue that solo hikers should be wary of.
  3. Reading in your tent: A flashlight with a “low” setting can be an ideal way to enjoy a good read in your tent after expending your body. The light of a campfire is probably too faint for you not to strain your eyes, and sometimes you just want to take your mind off the trail. A tactical flashlight can allow you to relax with a book in comfort and allow your mind to wander as your body rests for the day ahead.
  4. Searching Through Your Pack: Even in the day-time, it might be hard to locate everything in a stuffed pack. A flashlight can help.
  5. Nighttime Bathroom Trips: Need we say more?
  6. Defense: TC 1200 flashlights have beveled edges that can be used as a striking or glass-breaking tool in extreme situations. These flashlights were developed with the military, law enforcement, and firefighters in mind, so they can be used to strike blows and still function. If you are on the trail and find yourself in a dangerous situation, using your flashlight as an improvised weapon or demolition tool can be a life-saver.

A Great Choice For Hunters And Sport Shooters

The TC 1200 also makes part of an excellent laser flashlight combo if you are looking to mount it on a firearm.

This flashlight was designed for military and LEO use after all. It has a short body, making it acceptable as a pistol laser light combo.

The TC1200’s adjustable spotlight beam makes it extremely versatile as part of a rifle or shotgun flashlight laser light combo as well, allowing you precise vision and accuracy for night shooting.

The 1200 lumen spotlight is very bright, and the radius is large enough to illuminate most of your field of vision wherever it is pointing.

Having a bright, reliable light source is obviously extremely important if you are discharging a firearm at night, and the TC 1200 definitely makes the cut with its excellent lumen output.

With both an adjustable high wattage spotlight and a laser pointer for your firearm, you are ensuring that no matter the time of day your shooting will be accurate and safe.

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